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November 13, 2019  

-From Behind Closed Doors to Open Warfare In Battle Over Impeachment of Trump 

The bipartisan battle over an inquiry into  criminal offenses President Donald J. Trump allegedly has committed moves from behind closed doors and into public view today, when congressional leaders are expected to detail the charges against the president and evidence that proves their validity and credibility.

Leid Stories discusses this new chapter in Trump's--and the nation's--political diary.

November 12, 2019  

So far, what would you say is the most significant thing that has occurred in the Trump impeachment inquiry? Is it likely to affect the eventual outcome? If so, in what way? If not, why not?

November 11, 2019  

If He Does Decide to Run, Michael Bloomberg Will Be Late to the Race. What Could He Be Thinking?; Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JP Morgan Chase & Co., Sees the World Differently.

November 8, 2019  

With the Trump impeachment turmoil in Washington, there's no shortage of news reports, opinions, analyses and narratives. Experts and subject specialists rule the day. They tell us what they think, so we'll know what we think.

On Leid Stories, people say what they're thinking every day. And on "Free Your Mind Friday," we go full tilt; the program becomes an open forum of information, opinions and ideas.

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November 7, 2019  

Republicans scramble for a Trump quid-pro-quo defense; Ilhan Omar has her own quid pro quo problems; What was/is Bernie thinking?

November 6, 2019  

Yes, it doesn't look good for Trump. But could he win? (Part 2)

(The question provoked a torrent of responses yesterday, and there was no way to accommodate them all. As promised, more time.)

November 5, 2019  

Yes, it doesn't look good for Trump. But could he win?

Will Elijah Cummings' (Maryland's 7th C.D.) and John Conyers' (Detroit's 13th C.D.) seats still hold their power and influence? 

November 4, 2019  

This week puts us one year away from the actual 2010 presidential election. But the buildup will give us more than enough clues about how it more than likely will end.

Today's program marks the beginning of an occasional series focusing on the views of ordinary people about Election 2020.

November 1, 2019  

It's "Free Your Mind Friday" on Leid Stories, our little island of calm and sanity in a world doing it's best to drive us crazy. We simply talk out loud what is on our minds. 

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