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August 30, 2019  

Welcome to "Free Your Mind Friday" on Leid Stories, the gathering place for the exchange of information, opinions and ideas.

What's on your mind? Let's hear it. Call 888-874-4888 and make your case. 

August 28, 2019  
August 27, 2019  

A few stories highlight the political mess we're in, and with few credible solutions in sight.


August 26, 2019  
August 23, 2019  

It's "Free Your Mind Friday" on Leid Stories--our gathering place for the exchange of information, opinions and ideas.

Decide on your highly opinionated topic, then call 888-874-4888 and make it plain. Don't be surprised if someone challenges you.

August 22, 2019  
August 21, 2019  

These are among the topics planned for Leid Stories' today. Changes as necessary.

August 20, 2019  
August 19, 2019  

Leid Stories asks listeners to identify, based on their own analysis, what they believe to be the greatest threat to or challenge for the United States at this time.

August 16, 2019  

Leid Stories--Let's Hear What You've Been Thinking!--08.16.19

It's been quite a week, snd we've made it through. But you don't get through a week like this unscathed. Look carefully, you'll see evidence of some bruising.

Now you can tell us your story, with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. What was your triumph? What was your challenge?

Call 888-874-4888 and free your mind.

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