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July 31, 2019  

The Fox Theater in Detroit, Mich., is the venue once again for the Democratic Party's traveling "debates" featuring 20 candidates vying for the nation's top job in the 2020 presidential election.

Last night, 10 candidates, half of the contingent, squared off at the Fox Theater in Detroit, Michigan. Another group of 10 will be presented tonight.

Leid Stories listeners share their reactions to last night's contenders, and explain why these "debates" are more like Q&A sessions.

July 30, 2019  

The Fox Theater in Detroit, Mich., is the venue tonight and tomorrow night for what the Democratic Party is touting as the second "debate" among 20 candidates running for the nation's top job.

Leid Stories listeners predict the key issues that will not be raised and why.

July 29, 2019  

Democrats supposedly have enough votes to green-light an impeachment hearing against President Donald Trump. But amid the euphoria, there is great concern that the Democrats can't make it happen.

July 26, 2019  

You're cordially invited to take your turn at bat on Leid Stories' "Free Your Mind Friday," the best open forum in Radioland. 

Lots to talk about, and you take the conversation wherever you want it to go. So, take your turn at bat. Will you hit a home run, or will you strike out? 

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July 25, 2019  

Leid Stories listeners discuss the obvious factionalism among Democrats that was evident yesterday as two congressional committees held back-to-back hearings on the findings of a 448-page report former special counsel Robert Muller submitted to U.S. Attorney William Barr at the end of a controversial probe.

Muller was assigned to investigate whether President Donald Trump solicited help from Russian or other foreign agents to interfere with and help him win the 2016 presidential election, and whether he directed others to obstruct justice by covering up their misdeeds.

July 24, 2019  
July 23, 2019  
July 19, 2019  

It's our weekly open forum, "Free Your Mind Friday," and the point of it all is getting said what you need to get said.

We're eager to hear what you have to say. Choose your topic and make your case. Just don't be surprised if someone puts you to the test.

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July 18, 2019  
July 17, 2019  

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