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June 13, 2019  
Leid Stories  listeners are asked to take inventory of significant changes in their political attitudes; what caused those changes; and whether they believe they made the right choice.
June 12, 2019  
It's easy to point fingers at the government or systems of social, political and economic control and blame them for the mess we're in. But are we, the people, falling short in our duty to safeguard democracy in the United States?
June 11, 2019  
President Trump and his administration keep pushing people to the brink and even beyond it with harebrained policies and a level of pervasive irrationality not seen before in government. Yet, for all the barking at it, there is remarkable restraint. Or, is an uprising inevitable?
Frank Lucas and Nicky Barnes, the undisputed kingpins of the drug trade in black and brown America, are both dead now, as are hundreds of communities and tens of thousands of lives obliterated by their "trade." Popular folklore accords them movie-star status, but it should never be forgotten that they and others they grandfathered into the "business" were agents of genocide.
June 10, 2019  

We have some "face" time to make up for--with PRN's recent big move to new quarters--so we'll give the phones a workout today, getting current with listeners' views on current issues and events. 


June 7, 2019  

We continue with our discussion on the urgent need to overhaul our political thinking and action.


June 6, 2019  

No time to waste on frivolous debates or theories that take us nowhere close to solutions to our urgent problems. The masters of distraction will continue to spin their tales of a marvelous democracy  holding fast to the highest ideals even as it struggles with awesome challenges. But that's their story, not the truth.

Leid Stories is encouraging a conversation that is long overdue: Surely we know the truth of persistently neglected areas all over America where dreams and hopes die before they're born, and our great democracy assures it. What do we do?




Listeners take their best shot at answering a vexing question: What should/must we understand about U.S. politics?

June 5, 2019  

It took some doing, but it's done. PRN this week completed its move to new quarters in Manhattan. Thanks to everyone who helped make it possible.

Leid Stories host Utrice Leid expounds on her inspiring talk at the Community Church in Manhattan on May 26.

Listeners take their best shot at answering a vexing question: What should/must we understand about U.S. politics?

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