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May 10, 2019  

You're warmly invited to our weekly open forum, "Free Your Mind Friday," where discussion and debate about the issues of the day aren't just features of the show, but the show!

Share your information, opinions and ideas. Call 888-874-4888 and join us for the best talk in talk radio!


May 9, 2019  

Leid Stories continues yesterday's "poll" of listeners on the question that confronts the nation: Should impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump begin immediately?

May 8, 2019  

Leid Stories "polls" its listeners: Should impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump begin immediately?

May 7, 2019  

We're adrift in a sea of turmoil, and few can guide us through it. We have no choice but to depend on ourselves, being our own leaders.

Leid Stories returns to this now-familiar theme, continuing yesterday's discussion on reassessing our political direction, leadership and options.


May 6, 2019  

Lots of political drama and fighting, but not much that comes close to credible, doable, achievable ideas to lift the country out of the morass it's in.

Each day brings more chaos, scandals and proof that the worst people are in charge, running things the way they want to, not as they should. The people are angry, exhausted, and close to giving up. Is this the electoral master plan?

May 3, 2019  

It's our favorite day--"Free Your Mind Friday."-- on Leid  Stories, when we hold our own town hall, sharing information, opinions and ideas about things that affect us all.

Choose your topic, then call 888-874-4888 and tell us why you've been thinking about it. Don't be surprised if someone counters your point of view. 

May 2, 2019  

No poll taken now of how people feel about President Trump and his administration is likely to show an overabundance of warm, fuzzy feelings. Quite the opposite, poll results will more than likely confirm widespread angst about the country's downward spiral.

Leid Stories discusses a few news headlines that make the point.

May 1, 2019  

Leid Stories listeners add proper perspective to these stories that are are generating lots of "coverage" in the news.

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