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February 28, 2019  
Leid Stories continues with our theme this week of identifying serious errors, omissions and political biases in how major news stories are being reported.
February 27, 2019  
Leid Stories presents another chapter of "What's the Real Story?"
We're separating the wheat from the chaff in news stories and media reports that currently are shaping public opinion.
February 26, 2019  
We continue to look for truth behind the catchy headlines and sensationalized reporting that have become standard fare in media today.
Fortunately, audiences like Leid Stories listeners are becoming more adept at reading, watching and listening between the lies.
February 25, 2019  
Leid Stories catches up on stories that warrant special attention and analysis because these days special-interest reporting  and pro-government/corporate propaganda are at fever pitch.
February 22, 2019  

It's "Free Your Mind Friday," our weekly open forum, and the point of it all is to say what you need to get said. 

Choose your topic and stay on point as you make your case. 

Call 888-874-4888 and free our minds!

February 21, 2019  
Listeners are given some basic facts about a current news item. Then they are asked to tell us what the real story is.
February 20, 2019  
Oh yes, he can. Donald Trump, master of mayhem, descends even deeper into his own mad world. Trouble is, even those who disagree with his despotism are going along for the crazy ride.
Historian, author and renowned Caribbean scholar Dr. Jan Carew relates a remarkable  chapter in U.S. history erroneously called the Seminole Wars.
February 19, 2019  
We continue yesterday's discussion on President Donald J. Trump's rogue presidency, which persists despite mounting opposition and waning credibility at home and abroad.
February 18, 2019  
Why President Donald J. Trump repeatedly  does outrageous, self-aggrandizing, illogical, and even bizarre things is a matter many psychiatric experts have been trying to explain to the public for the past two years. Their professional "duty to warn," they said, compelled them to publish a group assessment last year that Trump's psychological profile suggest he's incompatible with the duties and demands of his office and a "danger" to the country and the world.
Leid Stories discusses the almost total absence of any discussion in Congress of the president's psychological stability and how it continues to have inordinate impact on how the country is run and on U.S. relations with the world.
February 15, 2019  

It's "Free Your Mind Friday" on Leid Stories, and you're cordially invited to participate in our weekly open forum, dedicated to just one thing--expressing your opinion.

About what? Whatever you're feeling strongly about. State your case and free your mind.

Call 888-874-4888 and think out loud!

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