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January 31, 2019  
Retired Wall Street banker Charles Ortel, a crusader against corporate and institutional fraud, files his latest report on the Clinton Foundation.
Ortel's years-long, self-initiated forensic investigation of the foundation and its network of spinoff entities has revealed them to be a money-making machine for the Clintons, who leveraged (and still are leveraging) their political clout and connections to solicit big-money "donations" to their putative "charities," running afoul of U.S. charity laws in the process.
January 30, 2019  
Can Venezuela's embattled president, Nicolas Maduro, even with support from Russia, China and Turkey, hold out much longer against the mounting pressure by the United States and allies to remove him from office?
Defeated in his plan to build a wall along the 2,000 mile-long southern border with Mexico, President Donald Trump plans to fund the $5.7-billion project by declaring it a national emergency.
But Pentagon officials testifying yesterday before the bipartisan House Armed Services Committee said there is no national emergency at the border.
January 29, 2019  
January 28, 2019  
Leid Stories looks at major issues in the news, and updates a few stories we were way ahead of the pack on.
January 25, 2019  

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January 24, 2019  
January 23, 2019  
Citizen-journalist Elisa Llenza has been reporting for Leid Stories on the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria, the worst natural disaster to hit Puerto Rico in almost 100 years.
Her report today confirms that the island nation remains in the eye of the storm, as political, real estate and unseen interests wrangle over post-hurricane development money. Meanwhile, they appear to be running their own parallel governmental system to divvy up the spoils while avoiding oversight and input from the people.
January 22, 2019  
Kim Ives, investigative reporter,  independent documentarian and editor of the English-language editions of Haïti Liberté, updates his report on Haiti's fuel crisis, which has added to the turmoil in the debt-ridden nation.
The Trump administration says Venezuela is not a "real" democracy and is actively encouraging the ouster of the country's president, Nicolas Maduro, saying his recent reelection was rigged and therefore illegitimate.
Leid Stories asks: Are the U.S.'s involvement and actions regarding Venezuela legitimate?
January 21, 2019  
He was born on Jan. 15, 1929, but a nationwide (and international) push to honor the life, work and legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. resulted in the designation of the third Monday of January as a federal holiday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
Leid Stories is encouraging all of us to give real meaning to this day. 
January 18, 2019  

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