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December 31, 2018  

As we close out the year, Leid Stories listeners take inventory of unfinished business in 2018 that should be priority items in the new year.

December 28, 2018  

Discussions continue to reflect listeners' opinions on issues they wish to discuss. This being the final edition of "Free  Your Mind Friday" for 2018, we look forward to the presentations and discussions that will close out the year.

December 27, 2018  

We pick up from where we left off yesterday, with listeners identifying issues and events they  considered significant or life changing in 2018, and sounding early warnings on major challenges we might be facing next year.

December 26, 2018  

As we close out the old year and warily make the transition into the new, Leid Stories listeners revisit issues and events that shaped 2018 and likely will continue to be of major concern next year. 

On a  parallel track, we discuss whether we were prepared for the first half of President Donald Trump's administration, and now for the next two years.

December 26, 2018  

Leid Stories listeners are invited to share their considered opinions about the most significant developments of 2018, and the challenges that are likely to confront us in 2019.

December 21, 2018  

Don't hold back, express yourself about the issues of the day in the best open forum in Radioland--"Free Your  Mind Friday."

Call 888-874-4888 and share information, opinions and ideas with listeners eager to hear--and, sometimes, challenge--your point of  view.

December 20, 2018  

President Donald J. Trump yesterday announced that all U.S. soldiers fighting in Syria will be brought home by mid-January. True to form, Trump announced his decision via Twitter, neither seeking nor taking advice from his experts on his plan.

It isn't just a another example of the chaos that has been the norm in the White House since Trump took office; it is yet another example of the president running his own program, no matter the likely consequences to the country. This kind of behavior is not a quirk, as Leid Stories has pointed out many times before. Rather, it suggests that the president's capacity to lead and make sound decisions should be questioned.

December 19, 2018  

On this day 20 years ago, the House of Representatives voted out four criminal charges against then-President William J. Clinton. Two charges were dropped and Clinton faced two remaining  charges--perjury and obstruction of justice--in a Senate trial that could have ended with impeachment and the end of his presidency. Clinton beat the odds.

Talk and threats of impeachment now hound President Donald J. Trump, who has said his immunity from prosecution is a "revolt" if he is indicted.

Leid Stories asks: Will Donald Trump be Impeached?

We continue with our coverage of what appears to be a coordinated land grab and property development and conversion in communities of color.

December 18, 2018  

The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, purportedly one of the most complex and sophisticated scam operations to have existed in the U.S. philanthropic world, is gasping for air. Several levels of criminal investigations, domestic and foreign, are deep into unraveling the mystery of how the foundation and several illegally formed affiliates functioned as a criminal enterprise. 

Charles Ortel, a retired Wall Street investment banker who turned his attention to exposing fraud in the philanthropic world, guides us through the most recent developments on the Clinton Foundation--a story we've been following for more than two years. 

December 17, 2018  

President Donald Trump is sinking. The lifelines that tethered his "outsider" campaign to a new-found Republican base are fraying, and many Republican stalwarts believe Trump's personal conduct and multiple legal woes have done irreparable harm to the party.

Trump's dismissive attitude is costing him, not least because his presidential "brand" and that of his administration resonate increasingly  negatively, both at home and abroad.

Leid Stories discusses the irony that Trump's assertion of strength is contradicted by the many ways he has placed himself, his administration and the country in jeopardy.

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