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November 15, 2018  
November 14, 2018  

Retired Wall Street banker and  corporate- and charity-fraud expert Charles Ortel reveals bombshell developments in two high-profile, self-initiated fraud investigations he has spent more than a decade warning the public about---General Electric Corp. and the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

November 13, 2018  

President Donald Trump is at the center, not surprisingly, of our discussion today--including an analysis by newsjunkiepost editor in chief Gilbert Mercier on how European leaders seem to be reacting to the president and his new-found belief in "nationalism."

November 12, 2018  
Leid Stories proudly salutes women and men who have served, or are serving, their country in the armed forces. even though their country has not always served them.
November 9, 2018  
It's our weekly open forum, and you're invited to say what's on your mind. Just don'te be surprised if someone takes you on.
Call 888-874-4888 and give us a piece of your mind.


November 8, 2018  
November 7, 2018  

Votes cast in yesterday's nationwide midterm elections are still being tallied, and results in many key races have not yet been certified. But one thing's for sure: The midterms most certainly were unusual, with President Donald Trump casting himself as strategist-in-chief of a no-holds-barred battle to utterly destroy the Democrats and usher in the era of the one-party state.

It appears that will not happen. Democrats are on track to win the House, and though Republicans might hold on to the Senate, they will be within striking distance in 2020.

Historian, political scientist and author Dr. Gerald Horne, who holds the John J. and Rebecca Moores chair of history and African American studies at the University of Houston, discusses key takeaways from the midterm elections.

November 6, 2018  

When the midterm election votes are tallied, expect to learn that it was essentially a Democrat-Republican contest, with negligible showings for candidates from other parties. A veritable shutout.

Considering that the 2018 elections are among the most hotly contested in recent years, what accounts for the near-total absence of other parties from the fray?

November 5, 2018  

On the eve of midterm elections, listeners complete the following sentence: "Here's what I see as the most significant thing about this election."

November 2, 2018  

It's our last open forum before the Nov. 6 midterm elections, and we ask: What are your plans for that day? 

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