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October 17, 2018  

Nancy Pelosi Won't Talk Impeachment

Migrant Caravan Heads for U.S. Border

Trump's 'Rogue Killers' Theory

October 16, 2018  

That 13-city, six month, post-midterm- elections speaking tour Bill and Hillary Clinton will launch next month isn't a family reunion; it's about raising cash. The Clintons, already battling several legal actions against  them,  are bracing themselves for a veritable tsunami of legal woes, domestic and foreign,  that could cost them both serious jail time and hefty fines.

Retired Wall Street banker and charity-fraud expert Charles Ortel, who for several years has played a key role in exposing the Clintons' highly irregular business dealings, joins us once again with an exclusive update.

October 15, 2018  

What appeared as conjecture a bit more than  two years ago has come to be fact: An oaf of a man with no experience in government but a superinflated opinion of himself vowed he'd wrest control of the wheel of state from the Democrats and "make America great again." 

Two years in, Donald J. Trump's slash-and-  burn--and racist--politics and policies have won favor with right-wing constituencies that patiently had been waiting to hear the clarion call against "unAmerican" liberal excesses and corrupt leadership that had thwarted their progress for so long. Trump became a juggernaut.

But both he and his administration have made, and are making huge missteps, and many of his supporters are questioning whether Trump is using the presidency for his own gain.

Leid Stories listeners address the question: Trump and his administration are wildly out of control. Who or what will stop them?

October 12, 2018  

It's the best open forum in Radioland, because on "Free Your Mind Friday," we engage each other in meaningful discussion and debate on the issues of the day.

Be heard! Say what you gotta say! Call 888-874-4888 and free your mind! 

October 11, 2018  

Leid Stories listeners, keenly aware of the dire social, political and economic situation in the United States, present for our consideration workable ideas for Increasing authentic, sustainable power of the people.

October 10, 2018  

We listened yesterday to Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse's testimony before his colleagues about Brett Kavanaugh's rammed-through appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court and the conjoined efforts of the wealthy and the politically corrupt in creating and maintaining a system of governance that makes a mockery of the high ideals the nation extols. 

Kavanaugh's appointment, the senator said, shows that even once-revered institutions like the U.S. Supreme Court and the presidency are more than comfortable with corruption.

Leid Stories continues our discussion of Sen. Whitehouse's speech.


October 9, 2018  
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) explains President Donald Trump's controversial nomination of Circuit Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.
October 8, 2018  

Since 1937, the United States has been observing Columbus Day, the federal holiday commemorating Christopher Columbus's alleged "discovery" of the Americas on Oct. 12, 1492.

But Columbus perpetrated one of the greatest historical frauds of all time, world-renowned African !scholar and  pre-Columbian expert Dr. Ivan Van Sertimer said in his groundbreaking 1976 work, They Came Before Columbus: The African  Presence in the Americas.

Van Sertimer unearthed volumes of evidence confirming constant contact between ancient African and pre-Colombian civilizations. 

Van Sertima died in 2009 at the age of 74. World-renowned scholar Dr. Ivan van Sertimer lays bare glaring incongruities and outright lies that have propped up many myths of Columbus’s exploits while denying early and beneficial African contacts and relationships with ancient Olmec civilizations. 

October 4, 2018  

Against the backdrop of chaos that surrounds Washington, D.C. circuit court judge Brett,  President Donald Trump's nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, Leid Stories presents a startling contrast--the late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall.

The noted litigator and jurist was named to the nation's highest court by President Lyndon B. Johnson in October 1967 and served until October 1991. During that time, Marshall, the first African American appointed to the court, had a profound impact on the laws of the land.

We listen in as journalist Juan Williams discusses his biography, Thurgood Marshall, American Revolutionary, that was eight years in the making. 

October 3, 2018  

When we think about it, what defines us today? What would we say constitutes our notion of self identity? And how does self identity relate to the idea of national identity?

Straightforward questions, it seems. But as we'll discuss today on Leid Stories, identity issues have been and continue to be driving forces in practically all aspects of American life. How are we dealing with this reality? Which values ultimately determine "American" identity?

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