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December 13, 2017  

Investigative reporter, author, educator and activist Paul DeRienzo has been reporting on Leid Stories about the scary state of nuclear programs and facilities in the United States.

He now turns his attention toward Europe’s missteps with malfunctioning nuclear systems and the devastating challenges and consequences they are having way beyond their borders.

Black voters in Alabama yesterday helped deliver a stunning victory for Democrat Doug Jones in a special election to fill the U.S. Senate seat Jeff Sessions held before joining the Trump administration as U.S. attorney general. With a higher turnout than when President Obama ran in 2008 and 2012, their bloc votes helped the longshot Jones triumph over the Trump-endorsed Roy Moore in one of the nastiest political contests in recent memory. Moore, though, has not conceded; he says he may challenge the results.

Leid Stories takes a preliminary look at the race in terms of the potentiality of Black political power in the Age of Trump.

December 12, 2017  

Akayed Ullah, a 27-year-old Bangladeshi immigrant living in Brooklyn, allegedly intended to be a suicide bomber, targeting the heavily trafficked Port Authority bus terminal in New York City. But a pipe bomb he strapped to his body apparently malfunctioned and instead seriously wounded him and injured five others, police said. Ullah’s attempted attack follows that of Oct. 31 by Uzbekistani immigrant Sayfullo Saipov, who used a rented truck to kill eight people and injured 12 others on a bike path in Lower Manhattan.

Leid Stories had said after the Oct. 31 attack that calling these and other such acts “terrorism” is a deliberate effort by the government to deny that they really are acts of warfare.

Several members of Congress, following the hallowed tradition of laying very low on controversial issues until they sense a groundswell, are “calling” on President Donald Trump to resign. As if he’ll grant their requests. As if that’s how it gets done.

Yet when their colleague, Rep. Al Green (D-Texas), last week awaited a resolution vote on articles of impeachment that he formally introduced against Trump on Oct.11, he found himself a very lonely man. It was a crushing 364-58, with many of those “calling” for Trump’s resignation not among those approving.

December 6, 2017  

John Conyers, who represented Michigan’s 13th congressional district for 53 years, unceremoniously ended his political career yesterday. Conyers, 88, had been battling a staffer’s sexual-harassment allegations against him and buckled under pressure from party leader Nancy Pelosi and others to quit (he had planned to run for reelection next year). Additionally, new sexual-harassment claims from another staffer surfaced on Monday.

Conyers became the biggest fish caught so far in a wide net that self-identified victims of sex crimes, most of them women, have cast to bring their alleged attackers, almost all of them men, to justice. But in pursuit of that justice, Leid Stories says, it seems that lawyers for accusers are playing fast and loose with the law.

December 5, 2017  

A federal judge yesterday sentenced former Rep. Corrine Brown (D-Jacksonville), a 24-year congressional veteran, to five years in prison for creating a bogus charity that was to provide scholarships for poor students but instead turned it into an $800,000 slush fund for herself.

If stealing $800,000 from a so-called charity gets a former member of Congress five years in a federal prison, what would be the penalty for conviction of similar charges against a former president and a former senator/secretary of state/presidential candidate who together ran a bogus foundation that solicited and got billions of dollars allegedly to fund “charitable” projects all over the world?

Charles Ortel, a retired Wall Street banker turned financial investigator and our guide through his independent investigation of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation for two years, files his latest report on what he has concluded is “the largest unprosecuted charity fraud in U.S. history.”

December 4, 2017  

The European Union since 2015 has seen a huge increase in the number of people breaking through its borders, fleeing wretched conditions in their countries of origin. In previous years, those flocking to Western Europe were mostly refugees from repressive Eastern Bloc countries. But now, they are mostly West Africans fleeing war-ravaged countries. The EU wants to stop the illegal flow of Africans into several its 28 member-states.

Gilbert Mercier, cofounder and coeditor-in-chief of News Junkie Post and author of The Orwellian Empire, explains what’s behind the mass from West Africa. 

Leid Stories updates a few topics recently discussed on the program.

December 4, 2017  

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