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March 17, 2017  

Another week of chaos, “alternative facts” and nonsensical missives from the White House. Time for our weekly “Free Your Mind Friday” open forum.

Repeal and replace the system’s propaganda with your keen analysis of the social, political and economic challenges that confront us and how best to deal with them.

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March 16, 2017  

With the spotlight shining bright—and not in a good way—on President Donald Trump and the missteps of his embattled administration, the misdeeds and shortfalls President Barack Obama and his administration seem to have been put in the ash can of history, as though they have nothing to do with the severity of domestic and foreign policies Trump espouses and is seeking to enact.

Today we explore the question: In what ways did Obama and his administration trigger the backlash we see now in Trump and the rise of his so-called “populist” agenda? 

March 15, 2017  

We continue tracking developments in major news stories we’ve been discussing, and we return to our open-forum question on whether a burgeoning opposition movement that emerged during the 2016 presidential election and sparked hope of independent politics has succumbed to the old Democrats-vs-Republicans political paradigm.

March 13, 2017  

Election 2016 offered proof that millions of voters had had it with a tone-deaf two-party system that seemed woefully out of step with their America. They served notice in many ways—switching parties, not voting, supporting independent candidates and movements instead—and created momentum for new political possibilities and choices.

But as the dust settled after the election, it seems things have returned to their “original” state, with politics largely a matter concerning Democrats and Republicans. 

March 10, 2017  

Meet up with us at “the gathering place for the exchange of information, opinions and ideas.” It’s “Free Your Mind Friday” on Leid Stories, our weekly open forum, and it’s all about what we’re thinking about our world.

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March 9, 2017  
If nothing else, Donald Trump’s presidency is confirming every day the severe limitations of the two-party system. When both major parties are in crisis—as they currently are—how are the people’s interests to be safeg

March 8, 2017  

We continue yesterday’s discussion on President Trump’s claim that President Obama ordered the wiretapping of Trump’s campaign headquarters during the 2016 presidential campaign. Of particular interest are the legal questions Trump’s unprecedented actions raise.

March 7, 2017  

He’s been in office just six weeks, but Donald Trump has already worn out his welcome. His abrasive nature, unrelenting narcissism and tendency to play fast and loose with the facts are just a few of the reasons he’s polling as the least popular U.S. president this early in his term of office.

The events of last week aren’t improving Trump’s appeal, but they do seem to be galvanizing an effort among disparate groups to explore ways to get him out of the White House.  

Trump alleged that, prior to the 2016 election, his predecessor, President Barack Obama, a supporter of Hillary Clinton, had his campaign headquarters wiretapped. Trump so far has not offered any evidence to support his claim, and the heads of his own intelligence agencies have said they have found nothing to confirm that such a thing happened.

The situation is bizarre—a sitting president accusing a former president of a crime that has not been proven. Making such a charge can expose Trump to a slander suit by Obama and can even serve as grounds for Trump’s impeachment. Word is, legal experts working for Trump’s opponents are looking at suing Trump out of the White House.

March 6, 2017  

Donald Trump’s week from hell continues this week, even as he and his minions try desperately to blunt the force and effect of deep body blows that have the new administration   reeling.

Trump’s Washington honeymoon is over far sooner than imagined or intended. The awe of Trump is now mostly shock and, increasingly, fury. Yet, in the face of increasing opposition, even within his own party, Trump predicts he’ll prevail.

Truth is, we’ve already begun to lose. 

March 3, 2017  

Yep, that’s what we had to deal with this week: political madness.

We’ve been discussing various aspects of the political chaos on Leid Stories, but “Free Your Mind Friday,” our weekly open forum, provides an added opportunity to editorialize your point of view.

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