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February 6, 2017  

All throughout his presidential campaign, a self-fixated Donald Trump touted his exceptionalism every chance he got. It helped him win the big prize. Finally, his supporters thought, we’ve got a guy in the White House who’s not run-of-the-mill; he’s different.

Leid Stories early on had noted Trump’s unusual conduct—which seemed not to be linked to the campaign, but were disturbing reflections of the man himself. Increasingly, psychiatric experts are expressing concerns about Trump’s behavior.

Leid Stories discusses a recent news article in which several psychiatrists say Trump has been showing several signs of mental illness.

Dr. Jan. Carew, world-renowned historian, scholar, and advisor to many pro-independence movements and parties around the world, corrects the historical records of the so-called Seminole Wars—military alliances forged among Blacks and several First Nations to fight for their collective freedom. 

February 3, 2017  

Official word is, things are moving along just fine, thank you, and President Trump is very pleased with his “yuuuge” progress thus far. Really?

Perhaps you have “alternative facts” that would put Trump’s claim to the test. Call Leid Stories (888-874-4888), and speak your truth on “Free Your Mind Friday, the planet’s most-talked-about open forum. 

February 2, 2017  

Yesterday’s program was a case of way more callers than time would permit to share their views. So, today we continue the discussion: While brisk opposition to President Donald Trump’s hardline policies is both warranted and necessary, it must be recognized that previous administrations created many of the crises Trump is attempting to stanch with ill-advised, slash-and-burn policies. 

February 1, 2017  

Leid Stories raises some hard truths about the current social, political and economic situation in the United States under a nascent Donald Trump administration. The president’s outrageous policies and autocratic approach to governing have ignited waves of protests from a wide range of offended and distressed constituencies. But Trump’s political base, strongly supportive of his slash-and-burn “new way” of doing things, are helping him to fend off the opposition, including from within the Republican establishment.

What’s emerging as key points of contention with Trump, however, did not start with Trump. They are carryover issues that previous administrations failed to tackle at all or did not successfully resolve.

Leid Stories discusses this aspect of Trump’s firestorms. 

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