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January 31, 2017  

With 17 executive orders issued within his first 10 days in office, President Donald Trump already has won the record for most prolific use of the backdoor presidential power that requires no congressional input. Trump’s executive actions are being spun as a man wasting no time in getting things done, but it’s clear he prefers the go-it-alone method of decision making. His business model, after all, is autocratic, so why should he change it just because he’s president?

He probably was not expecting to be opposed this early in his term, and he probably reasoned that even if challenged, he could weather the storm. But the massive Women’s March on Washington the day after his inauguration served notice that his new way of doing things will be matched by new types of opposition. The Women’s March and the protests against his travel ban against people from Muslim-majority countries, for example sparked protests all over the world and revived a moribund opposition at home.

Leid Stories discusses clues that Trump and his administration are miscalculating their strength and power, and the irony that they are actually fueling global anti-U.S. sentiment.

January 31, 2017  

President Donald Trump flamed out his first week in office with controversial executive order that quickly fired up protests across the country over the weekend, mostly at airports and city centers, that are now into their third day.

On Friday, Trump signed an order barring people from seven Muslim-majority countries—Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Somalia, Libya and Yemen—from entering the United States for at least the next 90 days. All refugees, especially from war-torn countries, will be denied U.S. entry for four months. Trump called the measures long overdue, and said his order was part of a fuller plan to develop “extreme vetting” procedures to qualify people coming from the targeted countries. This will shield the United States against potential acts of terrorism, Trump said.

Leid Stories listeners debunk the president’s executive order and reveal it for what it is.

January 27, 2017  

We continue yesterday’s discussion on Donald Trump’s calamitous debut as president and indications, based on his free-wheeling actions this week, that the situation likely will remain messy for a long, long time.

It’s “Free Your Mind Friday” on Leid Stories. Call 888-874-4888 and share your thoughts.

January 26, 2017  

In office barely a week, President Donald Trump has set about the task of making real his campaign promises. He’s already taken executive actions that: begin the dismantling of Obamacare; withdraw the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership; freeze all federal regulations for review, but speed up those for manufacturing applications; fast-track the Keystone and Dakota Access oil pipelines, and further requiring that all pipeline material, including for repair, be U.S.-manufactured; beef up and accelerate the U.S.’s deportation program, including blocking grants to “sanctuary cities” that are seen as unwilling to enforce immigration laws; and building a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico, adding 5,000 more border patrol agents.

Trump’s swift moves, requiring no congressional debate, have roiled the Democratic opposition and even some in the Republican establishment. But he’s using a tactic often used by his predecessor, President Barack Obama, to undo many of Obama’s signature policy victories. Meanwhile, Trump is scoring big with his supporters for delivering what he promised.

Where does this leave the opposition? Even as we read the political landscape in Trump World, are we any clearer about the state of play? 

January 25, 2017  

We return to yesterday’s discussion on how President Donald Trump is likely to deal with his nemesis, Hillary Clinton, and the family-run Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation that is the hub of what charity-fraud expert Charles Ortel calls the largest unprosecuted charity fraud in history.”

Also, we discuss the conviction yesterday of Rep. Charles B. Rangel, one of the most powerful members of the House of Representatives, on 11 of 13 counts of ethics violations.

January 24, 2017  

They’ve kept a low profile since the Electoral College declared Donald Trump the winner of the contentious 2016 presidential election, but Bill and Hillary Clinton were among the high-level contingent of former U.S. presidents and their wives witnessing Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 20.

Was it purely a matter of protocol, or was the gesture of “support” meant to blunt Trump’s campaign threat to probe the Clintons and the operations of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation?

The Clinton Global Initiative says it will shut down operations on April 15 this year. The Clinton foundation, however, will continue to operate ’s multiple programs, even under allegations of massive charity fraud.

Charles Ortel, a leading expert on the Clinton Foundation’s operations and allegation of fraud, reveals additional evidence he has uncovered about he calls “the largest unprosecuted charity fraud in history.”

January 23, 2017  

The Women’s March on Washington was a massive—and historic—retort to Donald Trump’s Jan. 20 inauguration as the nation’s 45th president. More than a million people rallied the following day in Washington, D.C., and in 616 sister marches across the country and in major cities around the world, for women’s rights and to serve notice of an intention to aggressively pursue them.

Leid Stories discusses the Women’s March on Washington and the ways it could serve as a bridge over many troubled waters.

January 20, 2017  

It’s official. Inaugurated at noon today, Donald J. Trump is the 45th president of the United States, and he’s chomping at the bit to “make America great again.”

Protest marches in Washington, D.C., and in cities across the country, however, attest a different view of the incoming administration and are gearing up vigorous, prolonged battle on domestic and foreign-policy issues.

Leid Stories listeners give Trump a “Free Your Mind Friday” inauguration gift—their views and concerns about where they believe the nation is headed with him at the helm.

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January 19, 2017  

On the eve of the inauguration of Donald Trump as president of the United States, listeners anticipate the likely impact his presidency and administration.

January 18, 2017  

We continue with yesterday’s discussion about the transition from the Barack Obama administration to that of Donald Trump, who officially takes office on Jan. 20.

As Obama signs out and Trump signs in with his promised “changes,” are we signing up for battle with The New Order?

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