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October 27, 2016  

Kim Ives, co-founder and editor in chief of the English-language division of Haïti Liberté, an international news weekly, discusses a scathing report by U.N. special rapporteur Philip Alston that condemns the United Nations for denying responsibility for a cholera epidemic that has ravaged Haiti since 2010, and blames the Security Council and the Obama administration in particular for shielding the United Nations from blame.

Poor health and sanitation habits of U.N.-supervised troops assigned to Haiti after a 7.0-magnitude earth leveled several parts of the country introduced a unique strain of cholera in Haiti that claimed almost 10,000 lives and infected 7 percent of the population. After Hurricane Matthew, cholera cases are once again on the rise. 

A new cache of Clinton Foundation emails released by WikiLeaks leaves no doubt that its highest-level executives, including the Clintons, knew that they and the megacharity were in flagrant violation of the law, but were making so much money with their pay-to-play formula, they found no reason to go straight.

Charles Ortel, former Wall Street financial analyst and recognized leading expert on the  Clinton Foundation, adds a new chapter to his self-initiated, two-year probe of the foundation and its operations, which he calls “the largest unprosecuted charity fraud in history.”

October 26, 2016  

With D-Day just 16 days away, Leid Stories “polls” listeners’ state of mind about the election; if/how they are likely to vote; how media coverage might have shaped their views and decisions; and how “third” parties and independent movements will fare at the polls.

October 25, 2016  

Years before she declared her candidacy for president, Hillary Clinton’s health was of concern to her family and those in her inner circle. She had had several major health setbacks and experienced symptoms of serious medical conditions—including sudden falls, concussions from those falls, potentially fatal blood clots, sustained double vision, frequent fainting, coughing fits, seizures and hypothyroidism. Team Clinton, only when the media inquired, would say Clinton is improving and looking forward to being back soon.

Clinton’s dramatic and alarming exit last month from the 9/11 commemoration in Lower Manhattan—ostensibly due to “dehydration” and, later, to “pneumonia”—brought out in the open longstanding concerns about her health that had been stuffed in the political-expediency closet, lest they give life to questions about medical “fitness to rule.” 

Several in the medical field have been raising questions about Clinton’s health, pointing generally beyond physiological issues and more toward neurological effects of the known health setbacks Clinton has suffered that could affect her brain function—including ability to think and reason, memory, making sound judgment, etc. Such findings will disqualify a presidential candidate from holding office.

Dr. Ted Noel, who has spent 32 years working in critical care and anesthesia and 10 years as the medical director of a surgical center, independently has been producing a series (VidZette.com) on what he says is evidence that Hillary Clinton is suffering with neurological problems, displaying symptoms very often seen in people with Parkinson’s disease.

October 24, 2016  

Charles Ortel, former Wall Street financial analyst and leading expert on the Clinton Foundation, discusses more evidence of what he calls “bright-line” fraud by the charity and its multiple affiliates. The new bombshell revelations are based on thousands of insider emails and related documents released by WikiLeaks over the weekend.

He also discusses the growing concern among foreign governments that had contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to various Clinton Foundation projects that their donations have either not yet been accounted for or might have been redirected for purposes they did not intend.

October 21, 2016  

Election Day fast approaching, one thing is certain: the outcome won’t be pleasant for millions of Americans; they’ll find it hard to bear. Life will go on. The question is, “What kind of life do we want it to be?”

Building on the theme that this election year should be a year of “reckoning” with the social, political and economic systems that control our lives individually and collectively, Leid Stories listeners share their thoughts and ideas about ways in which this can be achieved.

Call 888-874-4888 to join this work in progress.

October 20, 2016  

The Q&A sessions with the duopoly’s presidential contenders mercifully came to an end last night at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. The third and final joust was a big show, playing to a packed auditorium and a record-setting 84 million people who watched it live.

Moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News coursed the combatants, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, through six areas of inquiry: debt and entitlements, immigration, the economy, the Supreme Court, foreign policy, and fitness to be president.

Leid Stories listeners decipher the Q&A session, focusing on the candidates’ responses and what they portend for the immediate future.

October 19, 2016  

Charles Ortel, the acknowledged expert on the shady operations and financial dealings of the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation and its multiple offshoots, discusses documents released yesterday by WikiLeaks that appear to confirm that Clinton Foundation executives, including the Clintons, were well aware they were committing fraud.

Ortel, a former Wall Street financial expert and adviser who has spent two years investigating and analyzing the financial records of the foundation and its affiliated entities, has been detailing in an ongoing series on Leid Stories what he alleges is “the largest unprosecuted charity fraud in history.”

Dady Chery, a Haitian-born journalist, author (most recently, We Have Dared to Be Free: Haiti’s Struggle Against Occupation), biology professor and co-editor in chief of the news site newsjunkiepost.comdiscusses growing concern in Haiti, still reeling from the disastrous impact of Hurricane Matthew, about particular kinds of international aid.

October 18, 2016  

No matter who wins the big prize—the presidency of the United States—20 days from now, wide swaths of America will be tallying incalculable losses that will go far beyond who the 45th occupant of the White House will be. A “stunning” victory will be declared for one, bitter defeat for the rest, and America will have concluded the hallowed quadrennial ritual that is a “benchmark of our democracy.”

This year, muffled discontent with the electoral process has given way to perhaps the loudest and most pointed criticisms we’ve seen and heard since the tumultuous ’60s of the system and candidates vying for the nation’s highest office. But there’s little evidence that the people’s feelings and views have been high on the list of priorities in this self-centered, personality-driven race.

Leid Stories “polls” listeners’ views about Election 2016, which, after tomorrow’s final “debate” will mercifully soon come to an end—only to begin a new chapter of political mayhem and misfortune?

October 17, 2016  

Charles Ortel, former Wall Street financial analyst and leading expert on the Clinton Foundation—which he calls “the largest unprosecuted charity fraud in U.S. history”—has been reporting on the Clinton Foundation’s epic law-breaking as it amassed billions of dollars from high-powered “donors” all over the world looking for favors from the Clintons.

Ortel discusses what the trove of WikLeaks documents released over the past several days reveals and confirms about the illegal inner workings of the Clinton Foundation. 

October 14, 2016  

Another week of mayhem that has brought us ever closer to a political apocalypse. Yet, we’re still standing and relatively sane. Polls are showing that “Free Your Mind Friday” is the single most effective defense against the system’s nefarious mind-control plans. (Actually, there’ve been no such polls, but it’s lying season, and the intent was to hype the program.)

Gather your thoughts—about the week’s news issues and events, Leid Stories programs or any subject you consider worthy of further discussion and debate—and bring them to the best open forum in Radioland (now, that’s true!)

Call 888-874-4888 and give us your take on the political hell we’re living in.

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