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April 4, 2016  

Bestowed “front runner” status by a sycophantic media establishment, political consultants and a well-oiled public-relations machine even before the running, Hillary Clinton is the very picture of a self-fulfilling prophecy, on her way, they tell us, to clinching the Democratic Party’s nomination and, after that, resident of the United States. It will all have been her just reward, they say. But Leid Stories asks, “Is Hillary Clinton that good, or are we that crazy?”

April 1, 2016  

Yes, it’s “Free Your Mind Friday” on Leid Stories, and you’re cordially invited to opine, prognosticate, analyze, dissect, debate, challenge, report, differ—you know, sound off. We just need to know about what, and you need to know that it’s possible someone would take you on.

We’re a kind, mannerly and cerebral lot, and we love it when people give us something to think and talk about. Don’t believe it? Call in (888-874-4888) and put us to the test.

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