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November 12, 2013  

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November 11, 2013  

U.S. Continues to Dishonor Veterans and Those Who Serve the Country


On April 22, 1971, Lt. John F. Kerry, wearing his uniform fatigues (he was still a member of the U.S. Navy Reserve), appeared before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to testify about the horrific experiences of soldiers and veterans of the Vietnam War and the urgent need for the U.S. government to change its foreign-policy and military objectives in Southeast Asia.

For almost two hours he commanded the attention of the committee and the nation with valid criticisms that remain remarkably pertinent today – even though the anti-war dove became quite a hawk in the U.S. Senate (elected in 1985, eventually chairing the same committee before which he testified 14 years earlier) and, currently, as secretary of state.

Leid Stories discusses the many ways in which the Obama administration continues the sad legacy of previous administrations -- shortchanging veterans and those who serve their country.

November 8, 2013  
November 7, 2013  

Haiti: Very Poor, Yet So Very, Very Rich


Leid Stories returns to our continuing discussion (from Nov. 4) on Haiti, where an already calamitous situation, the result of overlapping crises, is further deteriorating.

This edition looks at the anomaly that Haiti is – the poorest nation in the hemisphere, yet exceedingly rich in oil, gold and other mineral deposits.

Veteran journalist Kim Ives, editor with Haïti Liberté, a news weekly serving the Haitian diaspora, discusses the vastness of Haiti’s wealth and the forces that seek to exploit and control it.

November 6, 2013  
November 5, 2013  

What’s Your Opinion?


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November 4, 2013  

Haiti Continues to Unravel Into Chaos;

Pols Rev Up Grudge Match on Stand-Your-Ground Laws


Still reeling from the catastrophic 7.0-magnitude earthquake that destroyed its capital and several surrounding cities 2010, Haiti remains beset by intractable woes – very little progress in rebuilding; hundreds of thousands still living in hovels as refugees; a pandemic of cholera; a collapsed economy; and a two-year-old government showing disturbing signs of returning the country to its old days of dictatorship.

Journalist Kim Ives, who has produced several documentaries on Haiti, reports on the state of affairs in Haiti, including, most recently, the pullout of 9,000 U.N.-supervised Uruguayan troops.

With the continuing dustup over Obamacare, the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing last week on “Stand Your Ground” laws in several states evaded attention. Leid Stories shows how, even at the outset, the Democrat-Republican grudge match that has long hobbled progress in Congress already has reared its ugly head in what should be an objective evaluation of the application of these laws.

November 1, 2013  

The Taking of Detroit: Banksters Force An Exodus


In 2008, the same year President Obama made history being elected president, the City of Detroit made history, too. That year, Detroit had the highest foreclosure rate of the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the United States. More than 67,000 properties were upside-down in their mortgages.

While a legal battle rages on in federal bankruptcy court, with Gov. Rick Snyder and his appointed emergency city manager, Kevyn Orr, seeking the legal go-ahead to declare bankruptcy in order to restructure and discharge the city’s $18-billion debt -- a five-year struggle against “banksters” gains momentum with a call for a moratorium on foreclosures, evictions and utility cutoffs.

Abayomi Azikiwe, an organizer with Moratorium Now!, explains that the banks’ predatory lending practices and other unlawful actions have wreaked havoc in Detroit, causing an unprecedented foreclosure rate and a mass exodus of working-class people from the city.

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