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July 16, 2013  

The Zimmerman Verdict: A Travesty of Justice

We may not like the outcome of the Zimmerman trial, we’re told by various and sundry officious types, but this we must accept: The system worked; it was a fair trial; it wasn’t about pleasing anybody; and what’s done is done, so call off the demonstrations and move on.

The verdict was no surprise. It merely was a postscript to a series of highly irregular – and, in the view of Leid Strories, unlawful –police, prosecutorial and even judicial actions that began the very night Trayvon Martin was killed and continued right up until the outrageous verdict.

Leid Stories consistently has pointed out these irregularities. Today, we return to the scene of this criminal injustice.

July 12, 2013  

We the Jury: The Zimmerman Case

A state jury is expected to begin deliberations in the George Zimmerman case as soon as today. Prosecutors and defense lawyers initially had argued their respective cases on the basis of a second-degree murder charge against George Zimmerman for killing an unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in an unwarranted confrontation on Feb. 26 last year. But the jury also may consider the lesser charge of manslaughter, Judge Debra Nelson has ruled.

Leid Stories’ own “jury,” its listeners, “deliberate” the case today and render their  own verdicts.

July 11, 2013  

Spitzer, Weiner And Zimmerman-- And Other Foregone Conclusions

A  hooker-hooked ex-governor with a solid shot at becoming New York City’s next comptroller. A watch-my-weenie disgraced ex-congressman who just might land the top job as mayor. An admitted killer of an unarmed teenager could see a second-degree murder charge disappear.

These and other foregone conclusions are the focus of Leid Stories today.

July 10, 2013  

Say What You Mean, Mean what You Say! It’s Open Forum II!

Feedback from yesterday’s Open Forum suggested a need to expand the conversation. So many people with so much to say, but so little time. Therefore, it’s Open Forum II! Share your thoughts and considered opinions about … whatever. But be prepared for close questioning – all with love and great respect, of course!

July 9, 2013  

Let’s Hear What You Have to Say! It's Open Forum!

It can’t be the case that with all the news we’ve been inundated with lately, you have no opinion, nothing to say, about the major issues of the day. Or, maybe what you think is important has nothing to do with the news. Either way, here’s a chance to speak your mind. It’s Open Forum on Leid Stories—the gathering place for the exchange of information, opinions and ideas. Share your thoughts, but expect to hear differences of opinion--offered with great respect, of course!

Stay sane! Defrag you brain!
July 8, 2013  

The Still-Unanswered Questions About Edward Snowden

That meek-sounding cybermartyr railing against government’s unabated prying into our lives? Well, he ain’t necessarily so. From the very beginning of this media-driven “bigger-than-WikiLeaks” saga, Leid Stories urged caution—with Edward Snowden. Now comes word—his own, in fact—that Snowden loved working at the NSA; thought the agency was necessary for keeping America safe; loved the government-subsidized life of leisure that he had; despised leakers; and even thought they ought to be shot for being traitors.

July 5, 2013  

“Teachable Moments” About Obama’s Domestic and Foreign Crises

It's been rough for President Obama lately, both home and abroad. Even the casual political observer could reasonably conclude that he’s in trouble. Big trouble. Leid Stories asks listeners to identify and rate in order of severity the major setbacks, domestic and foreign, that beset the president, and to predict whether, and under what conditions, he can overcome them in his second term.

July 3, 2013  

In New York, Mayor Bloomberg Gets A Comeuppance; The NSA/Edward Snowden Asylum Debacle Gets More Complicated; George Zimmerman Gets Great Help-- From Prosecutors New York City Councilman Jumaane Williams discusses Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s promised veto of legislation to curb controversial stop-and-frisk practices by the NYPD that targeted African American and Latino men and will create a special watchdog office to monitor such harassment claims. The rapidly unfolding story on U.S. national security issues gets four significant updates. The George Zimmerman trial shows even more telling signs of a compromised prosecution.

July 2, 2013  

The World—According to You!

It’s “Open Forum” on Leid Stories—your chance to drive the bus others routinely throw you under! Your thoughts, opinions and analyses of the issues and events of the day “drive” the program where you want it to go. But be warned: Expect to be closely questioned—with great love and respect, of course!

July 1, 2013  

Assange, Snowden and the Virtual World Order

Court Jesters: The Zimmerman Trial As Entertainment The virtual world of Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and other cyberlords (and ladies?) aspiring to global glory offers a sobering glimpse into the devolution of raw, narcissistic political power. Theirs is not a democratic world; it is, in fact, tyrannical. And very, very white. Nothing exceeds like excess. Major media outlets’ “coverage” of “high-profile” court cases has become entertainment—complete with jesters. Case in point: the Zimmerman trial.

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