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March 14, 2013  

Oblivious to the glaring irony that the “grassroots” Organizing for America is holding a two-day “Founder’s Summit” at a posh boutique hotel in Washington, D.C., President Obama and campaign-holdover execs running OFA insist the organization is just outside insurance against inside resistance to the “people’s” legislative priorities. But suspicions abound about OFA’s true aims and objectives—and, as Leid Stories shows, quite rightly so. Plus, listeners weigh in.

March 13, 2013  

We are inclined to believe that America has turned the corner on inequity and injustice. To some extent it’s true. But the most powerful argument that there’s still a long way to go exists, ironically, in its courts, where the festering sore that is America’s racial divide is seen in all its putrid glory.

Attorney Benjamin Crump gives an insider’s view of the legal warfare he and lawyers like him wage every day in the courts for justice, citing some of his most recent cases, including Trayvon Martin (Florida), Ernest Hoskins (Arkansas) and Howard Morgan (Chicago).

March 12, 2013  

In this regularly occurring feature of Leid Stories, listeners define the issues and events important to them and engage in discussion and debate.

March 11, 2013  

Conspicuously absent from national discussion and debate about immigration reform is the plight of a group that President Obama himself had promised special consideration: Haitians in the United States who want to bring their families in strife-torn, post-earthquake Haiti to live with them. Obama had promised to speed up the process, but three years later, there has been no movement. Even now, in the heat of discussion about immigration reform, this special category is ignored. Steven Forester, immigration policy coordinator for the Boston-based Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti, explains why Obama has reneged on his promise. Plus, a commentary by Utrice: “Is it lobbying? No, it’s a dialogue.”

March 8, 2013  

On International Women’s Day, Utrice looks at the women’s-rights struggle through a multifaceted prism shaped by personal experience and the intersection of race, class, culture and gender.

March 7, 2013  

President Barack Obama indeed has been smacked down by the Republicans. No doubt about it. It’s fair warning that he needs to get his act together. But can he? The president appears to have more political burdens than he reasonably can handle – a continuing checkmate in Congress, a ragtag Cabinet with no sense of direction, budget and economy woes galore, and now, factionalism within the party. But first comes appeasing the Republicans. They’re serving up hefty portions of crow and humble pie, and Obama’s got to eat it.

March 6, 2013  

President Hugo Chavez is remembered for his campaigns against poverty – not only in his beloved Venezuela, but throughout Central and South America and the Caribbean. Plus, in Open Forum, listeners offer their perspective on issues and events they deem important.

March 5, 2013  

President Barack Obama’s double talk and outright lies about the sequester and related matters are the focus of this edition of Leid Stories.

March 4, 2013  

It’s a chastened, crestfallen President Obama who sits behind his desk today -- brooding, no doubt, over the stunning smackdown he received last week from a pack of old-guard Republicans well versed in the game of chicken. Leid Stories shares the lowdown on the smackdown. Plus, defensive journalism – reading between the lies.

March 1, 2013  

If ever there was a reason to absolutely hate America’s two-party system, this is it. Used to be, we could choose between the lesser of two evils and the evil of two lessers. Now, even that's gone. Two utterly wrongheaded political parties, stunningly inept and unsuited for governing, blithely and willfully commit unspeakable acts of economic terrorism against citizens, and not only are allowed to do so in the name of “the democratic process,” but get paid and great bennies to boot! They suffer no real losses if they can’t (or won’t) get it right. Leid Stories explains why both parties must be punished at the polls, and why Americans must have more – and better – political choices. Plus, economic policy analyst Ethan Pollack discusses what’s what with the Great Sequester.

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