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October 15, 2012  

They'll both be talking loudly, but still saying nothing about the concerns of America's most hard-pressed constituencies.  But the Obama-Romney Silence Pact comes under close scrutiny ahead of their Round 2 debate tomorrow at Hofstra University -- with a searing commentary and listeners' opinions.

October 12, 2012  

Discussion of the Joe Biden / Paul Ryan debate.

October 11, 2012  
Another day, another debate.  But as Biden and Ryan square off in Kentucky tonight, voters should keep in mind that the debate, first and foremost, is a sales pitch and they therefore should watch the sleight-of-hand prose of the cons. Listeners give advice on what to look for.
October 10, 2012  

At the heart of discussions about democracy and the role of citizen-voters in assuring and maintaining it is the notion that voters have "rights."  But as the song says, "It ain't necessarily so." J. Gerald Hebert, executive director and director of litigation at the Campaign Legal Center, in Washington, D.C., says it's time the U.S. Supreme Court give both clarity and direction on this issue.

October 9, 2012  

A searing commentary -- and then and broader discussion with listeners -- on the psychology of political defeatism and why the left simply doesn't get it that repeated losses have a numbing effect on the very constituencies they want to mobilize into action.

October 8, 2012  

Spoiler alert: Columbus never even set foot in the country he is credited with "discovering." What he should get credit for is ushering in tidal waves of genocide, plunder and war throughout the Americas and the Caribbean.  In one of his last lectures, the late Ivan Van Sertima, a world-renowned scholar of early African civilizations, uncovers the truth about the legendary discoverer.

October 5, 2012  
We close out the week with updates on the FCC's plan to buy out broadcasters' bandwidth and then auction it off to the telecommunications industry, and on fresh legal battles looming ahead for the Chicago Teachers Union.  And, of course, more debate about the Duh-bate!
October 4, 2012  

In this open forum, listeners analyze the Oct. 3 Obama-Romney debate on the economy and discuss whether and/or how it has changed their attitudes about politics and the choices they are likely to make come Nov. 6.

October 3, 2012  

Constitutional law expert Kenneth Lasson, a professor at the University of Baltimore School of Law, debunks the popular belief that "freedom of speech" is an absolute right under the First Amendment.  He tackles the question: How free should free speech be?

October 2, 2012  

Noted labor, racial justice and international activist Bill Fletcher Jr., chairman of the board of directors of the International Labor Rights Forum, founder of the Black Radical Congress and senior scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, D.C., discusses "What's Really at Stake on Nov. 6" -- a candid assessment.

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