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September 28, 2012  
Leid Stories trains the microscope on hate in America -- who's doing it, and why their actions and crimes are so hard to control or prosecute.

Mark Potok, one of the country’s leading experts on hate groups and extremism, gives a status report on hate groups and hate crimes in America.  And Brian Levin, a criminologist and law professor, discusses the legal challenges in prosecuting hate crimes and terrorism.

September 27, 2012  
It's "Think Tank Thursday" on Leid Stories -- an open forum on major issues, trends and developments.
But be warned:  Bring your best game!
September 26, 2012  

Dr. Thomas Shapiro, one of the nation's leading authorities on wealth disparity, discusses the hidden costs of wealth in the United States, its generational impact, and why "wealthfare," as he calls it, all but guarantees social injustice far into the future.

Dr. Shapiro directs the Institute on Assets and Social Policy and is the Pokross Professor of Law and Social Policy at Brandeis University.

September 25, 2012  
  • Dr. Louis DiSipio, professor of Chicano and Latino Studies at the University of California-Irvine, discusses the complexities of the "new" Latino electorate and why predictions about its political preferences in the 2012 presidential election may be way off the mark.
  • The New York City Parents Union is gearing up for a legal battle with the city's Department of  Education over its decision to distribute morning-after pills and other birth control drugs to students in targeted schools. NYPU president Mona Davids explains why it's "time to go to the mat" with City Hall.
September 24, 2012  

Discussing race issues with Dr. Jeffrey Perry, and coercive enforcement of a false construct to maintain white supremacist objectives.

September 21, 2012  

A deeper look at the power equation between the apparatus of government and the governed, with guest Aeon Skoble, professor of Philosophy at Bridgewater State University in MA. Then, we continue our open forum on your perspectives on what an effective government would look like. It's a free-for-all!

September 20, 2012  

Presidential campaign update - Mitt Romney finds himself struggling to recover from another gaff, Tim Pawlenty jumps ship.

Calling your bluff -- listeners sound off on our country's problems and propose solutions.

September 19, 2012  

Back to the blackboards in Chicago - updates on the end of the teachers strike with Stacy Davis Gates. Then, we talk about numbers: a heated battle over the hearts and minds of voters leading up to the election, with Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist Institute of Public Opinion.

September 18, 2012  

Social and political prescriptions for the untenable situation in our country. With Vernellia Randall, professor of law at the University of Dayton.

September 17, 2012  

More updates on the Chicago Teachers Union strike from Stacy Davis Gates. Then, examining parallels with the 2005 Transit Workers strike with Roger Toussaint, former president of the Transit Workers Local 100 Union.

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