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July 1, 2014  

America’s Fukushima: The Largest Ecological Catastrophe In U.S. History 

Part 6: Blowing The Whistle On The Hanford Site

Investigative reporter Paul DeRienzo files the sixth installment of a series on an ecological disaster caused by massive contamination from The Hanford Site, a sprawling nuclear-reactor complex on the Columbia River in south-central Washington state.

Today’s guest, attorney Tom Carpenter, executive director of The Hanford Challenge, has represented numerous whistleblowers and workers at nuclear sites across the nation and has devoted decades of his professional life to organizing, litigating and policy oversight in the nuclear field, much of it centering on Hanford.  

Carpenter discusses the effects of nuclear production on workforce health and safety and the environment, drawing from his expansive knowledge of the operations of commercial and military nuclear sites in the United States and abroad. He also discusses what industry  whistleblowers have revealed about the operation of nuclear facilities in the United States.

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